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Recent cases of insufficient safety of products on the market created turmoil on the ability of the European regulation framework to protect citizens from shortcomings in products. This inevitably goes along with calls for improvements and proposals for measures to achieve that. We strongly believe that better market surveillance is the best way to move forward.

Good regulation protects consumers and society and helps create a level playing field amongst market operators in an efficient manner. However, for this we need not only Regulations in the form of Directives, national laws and harmonized standards, but also their proper enforcement. This calls for active verification to see if economic actors play ‘by the rules’ and if not, to withdraw their products from the market and impose penalties upon them.

Surveillance ensures less risk because products lawfully placed on the market are safe, and those unlawfully placed on the market are withdrawn. In order for potentially dangerous products to be removed the public authorities are required to scan the market with a focus on products from manufacturers lacking a long standing reputation of conformity and business ethics. Such products should be rapidly subjected to conformity inspections. Economic actors that repeatedly abuse the rules should face penalties in a progressive scheme. Only in this way can incentives for Regulation compliance be achieved and society protected.

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