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And so, Orgalime will soon have a new President to oversee their European engineering affairs. Find out tomorrow (21 Nov) who will succeed Professor Edward Krubasik in the hot chair. Orgalime’s 52nd General Assembly meets in Brussels combining with a joint event co-hosted by CEEMET, the Council of European Employers of the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based industries.

The new incumbent will take the helm at a particularly important phase which will see the outcome of industrial policy initiatives, such as Electra and EnginEurope, both of which were borne from Orgalime (in conjunction with the European Commission) during the last two years.

The event will see two workshops, “Skills and innovation for a competitive MET industry in Europe” the aim of this one illustrating how industry is facing these challenges and highlighting the role that the European Institutions could play and “Getting the market to take up innovative energy efficient products”, where it will be discussed how this is to be achieved, what are the barriers and where is Regulation effective?

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