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The CNN World Report* has just highlighted just how relevant and timely the Electra report** ‘Twenty solutions for growth and investment to 2020 and beyond’ is to helping achieve the European Union’s climate change objectives. Authored by a mixed European Commission and industry group co-chaired by European Commission Vice President Günter Verheugen and former Orgalime President, Professor Edward G Krubasik, the report indicates just how innovative products and services provided by the electrical and electronics industry are those which can lead to the major energy savings that Europe wants to reach by 2020. Adrian Harris, Secretary General of Orgalime said “Most of what is proposed provides a positive return for customers, whether private, public or professional. As evidenced in the report, the focus is, on the demand side, buildings, both residential and commercial, and then on transport and on industrial production. On the supply side, the focus is on improving the energy efficiency of electrical production, transmission and distribution and, for the longer term, on other technologies such as CCS and renewables”. Orgalime emphasizes however, to achieve this, whilst at the same time creating growth and jobs in the EU – one of our essential aims – requires that politicians both EU and national create the right conditions for the manufacturers but even more for the industry’s customers in particular.

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