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Mr. Giuliano Monizza (ABB) will speak on behalf of T&D Europe and Orgalime at the Renewable Energy Finance & Infrastructure Summit to be held on 28 and 29 January in Vienna, Austria. Following his presentation at the Electra conference in Ljubljana on 15/10/2009, Mr. Monizza will elaborate on how to deliver energy efficiency in the transmission and distribution of energy from the source to the end user. He will present the latest developments in R&D and the state of the art of technologies in this field. Taking stock of the failure of the Copenhagen Summit, he will also underline the further need for investment, especially public investment, in order to achieve European energy saving targets. Furthermore he will demonstrate how the challenge of integrating renewable energies in the transmission and distribution process can be met and what kind of role smart grids can play to achieve higher energy efficiency. The conference will be attended by senior representatives from the EU and national governments, energy producers and distributors, researchers and investors.
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