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The WEEE Directive took another step forward in the recast process with the European Parliament’s adoption of its first reading report.

The result leaves European engineering companies with mixed feelings and the jury is still out on whether the glass is half full or half empty. Said Orgalime Director General Adrian Harris: “As usual, there are some positive and some negative outcomes from this vote. On the one hand, we see there is a drive to define more realistic collection rates – albeit still ambitious, and there has been an improvement through making it easier for companies to appoint a legal representative instead of being obliged to be physically present in each Member State ‘just’ for the purpose of registration. We thank MEPs for this. However, the new provisions on widening the scope leave industry in legal limbo yet again, this time with potential costly consequences, as some capital goods which would never find their way into household waste are likely to be in scope. Besides, restructuring the existing 10 product categories into five categories means that companies will just have to re-programme all their information systems at great cost. And for what purpose?”


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