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“There has been intense dialogue between the stakeholders concerned and, indeed, we said on the occasion of the European Parliament plenary vote at the beginning of February, that we were unsure if the glass was half full or half empty. Now, the issue for European engineering is to arrive at something which is manageable by our industry and takes into account the considerable investment that our companies have made into compliance with the existing WEEE Directive. In addition the focus of the parties concerned, to end up with a set of rules that are enforceable is also encouraging, although this aspect still needs working on in the area of scope, collection rate, registration and producer definition”

“It really is essential that regulators learn to fully appreciate that the constant chopping and changing of the regulatory environment in the EU carries with it a considerable cost in terms of investment for compliance; where this is justified, this is understandable, but all too frequently the regular reviews of legislation which are meant to allow minor adjustments, turn into major overhauls which are hardly proportionate to the benefits they are claimed to bring. This is just sending the wrong signal investors at a time when we in Europe should be making efforts to convince them that the EU is a prime investment location with a manageable and coherent framework.”


Adrian Harris, Director General, Orgalime – the European engineering industries association

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