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The European engineering industries, represented by Orgalime are the only industrial sector possessing system level expertise in all parts of the system chain – from power generation and the transport and distribution of electric power, to the control and drive elements fitted to vehicles. The electric car is part of the new world of energy. The e-car and the associated charging and support infrastructure are an integral part of this whole system. It is in this area that new developments and opportunities exist for modern European infrastructures and service markets. In the long run the future will belong to green vehicles. Gasoline prices are reaching astronomical levels, European society is increasingly aware of the need to reduce emissions and to increase the share of renewable energies and the share of electricity produced from renewables. The European electrical equipment manufacturing industries, offer the technical solutions & services. They are developing a vision for e-mobility where electric vehicles will become a part of a smarter electricity grid which can accommodate more renewables. These technologies and breakthrough innovations – if promoted and implemented on a massive scale – will help to make transport and electricity production more sustainable. The showcase exhibition of technologies around the e-car will give you a flavour of available technologies for charging and support infrastructures and tomorrow’s smart charging and smart grids solutions for the e-car.

We held an event joined by over 150 participants to highlight what is essentially the missing link to the success of the e-vehicle…. See our video reportage and interviews of the participant……[more]

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