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Orgalime has supported the production and launch of a podcast ‘Manufacturing at Heart’ under the URL of

The idea is to build a manufacturing community through storytelling. The stories are manufacturing stories told by those that know best – CEOs, Ops Directors, academics and journalists alike – who have a passion and enthusiasm for what they do. The topics are endless, as are the potential interviewees!

One can subscribe on i-tunes

It’s also on Stitcher

Or can be listened to directly on!

Each show has it’s ‘own page’ where you can find the show notes and have the ability to comment on individual episodes.

If you like it, then tell us! It is particularly important in terms of i-tunes visibility that the show is reviewed/commented on in order to maintain the show in the new and noteworthy section (thereby gaining potential new subscribers!) within the ‘business’ category.


new and noteworthy

Below, you can see where to subscribe, where to leave a ‘rating/review’ and the ‘popularity of each show (on i-tunes only!)







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